If you're closing in on the final months of your Lexus lease you've probably already begun thinking about what Lexus you're going to lease next, and can't wait to get behind the wheel of a newer model. Well, we have some incredible news for you! At our LEXUS DEALERSHIP NEAR LOS ANGELES, CA, we are offering the Lexus Pull-Ahead Program. If you have six months or less left on your current lease, you can qualify right now. So head over and take a test-drive of our new vehicles, and find out what remarkable Lexus you would like to drive next. Before you bring in your lease, you'll want to take advantage of our optional complimentary service inspection. This inspection will be conducted to ensure that your leased Lexus is in fine condition before it is returned to our dealership. Make sure that you have cleaned your leased vehicle, and bring along the following items: tool kit and spare tire, your complete set of keys, and your Owner's Manual, if possible. If your Lexus has excessive damage, you'll receive a report and will be charged for any damages that violate the wear and use policy. After your leased Lexus has been inspected, bring it to our Lexus dealership near Beverly Hills, CA, and begin the process of choosing what to drive next. We have an impressive inventory of incredible new Lexus vehicles and many other exciting cars and SUVs.. Get in touch with Lexus of Glendale to speak with our knowledgeable Lexus finance department and ask them about the new Lexus Pull-Ahead program, then find out about how you can use it to your advantage and drive away with a new lease today.