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Recently I had the 10M mile service completed on my ES 350. I want you to know how pleased I continue to be with the quality of service provided by your service department.

For the past several years, for each of the several cars my wife and I have purchased or leased from Lexus of Glendale, Arbi has been our service rep.

When we bring our cars in for service, Arbi is there with a warm welcome.

And should we have a question (and with all the buttons on these cars, there's always a question), Arbi is there to provide the answer. And during my last visit when he saw my interest in reading the history of Lexus, a book on display at the reception desk, he gave me a copy. I have

recommended it to several people as a text book on how to bring a new product to market.

Arbi's extra care and interest in the customer is what brings us back to Lexus of Glendale.

As a business owner I know that frequently the only time people take the time to write is to complain. This time it's to say thanks.

Best regards,

Roger K. Plumley

I just wanted to shoot a quick note to let you know that I really appreciate all your assistance in making my first service dept experience at Lexus of Glendale SO PAINLESS!!

Customer service is a dying platform and it's refreshing to see that you, along with the rest of the Lexus of Glendale service team, still strive to provide best service to your customers.

I now truly look forward to bringing my car in for its scheduled services in the years to come! Woo Lexus has a service home!!

Pat yourself on the guys are awesome!!!

Warm regards,

Roselle Nolasco

Lexus RX-330

Dear Mr. Harrison:
I write today to share with you my latest experience with Jesus Lopez from the Services Department. My 2011 IS350 had been having problems holding a connection between my cell phone and the bluetooth unit in the vehicle. The problem was quite complex and, as a matter of fact, my car went to your shop three times altogether before the problem was finally solved.
This last time, I had a conversation with Jesus, I explained the inconvenience of the problem and I voiced how disappointed I was at the fact that the prior two services had not resolved the issue. Jesus took an extremely proactive approach towards fixing the problem my Lexus had. He kept me informed on the daily progress regarding the diagnosis and repair of the issue and he went well above and beyond his duties in terms on his involvement with the repair of my car. He test rode my car himself at least three times and he used his own cell phone to make dozens of calls to make sure the bluetooth problem had been corrected.
Jesus has always been friendly, respectful and cordial in dealing with me. However, this time his performance was outstanding in all respects. Jesus is the type of employee that builds loyalty with customers and keeps them coming back to the shop.
I have no doubt I will go back to your dealership when I purchase my next Lexus. People like Jesus, and his attitude towards service ,are the ones who will make me not hesitate choose Lexus of Glendale for my my next vehicle purchase and future service needs. I believe Jesus deserves to be recognized for all the hard work and effort he devoted to fixing my car and I have nothing but the highest praise for him.


Romulo Martin Brena, PhD, MBA

I wanted to be sure to thank you for the repair job performed on my Mercedes due to the mishap that occurred at the dealerships' car wash.

My expectation was for the topical scratches to be buffed out only. However, when I saw the result and that the minor chip was barely noticeable, I was really amazed and pleased! I can imagine the challenges you face in keeping all of your customers continually happy and due to the level of care and service I received which is uncommon in my opinion, I will consider Lexus when my Mercedes lease ends.

In any case, please know that you've won over a new, prospective customer and that I truly appreciate all that you did to make things more than right for me. It's appreciated more than you know.

All my best,

There is more than just 'buying a car'. It is the service after the purchase that makes the difference. Coming in to Lexus of Glendale is more like taking my car in to have a friend service it. Sure, the popcorn and drinks are wonderful, but it is the caring and friendly reception that are the most important. Lexus of Glendale is truly a 'friend of our family'.


I am sending you this letter because I just have to tell you how wonderful our service manager, Chris Bosque, has been over the years.

I know that buying a luxury car, one expects great service/customer service? however that is not always the case.

Chris Bosque has gone above and beyond what I would call luxury service, he is phenomenal, and I don't say that lightly.

- I work in the business world and I expect a lot of people, only what I would provide to folks and want back, and Chris fits that mold.

- Chris is what I would call an employee that is always there for the customer, he always has a smile on his face and very importantly, he is always very honest with me.

The last point about honesty is key-when one buys a luxury sedan, they expect service and know things will need to be repaired on cars, however, it is nice to know that my service manager is treating me with honesty and respect and tells me ahead of time what routine maintenance items should be done in the next one or two visits, and what can hold off or what can't or shouldn't be held off one, if one wants to keep driving a car for a long period of time.

It is often easy to feel as though service repairs are /may not be needed but I have to say I trust Chris's recommendations and I have never questioned him. He has the utmost integrity, honesty and my husband and I really feel like he has our best interest in mind on our car and not just more service to a car.

I know you probably always hear complaints but Chris is a key member of your team and I also have another friend who has Chris for their cars and they have similar stories of integrity, going above the call of duty?.

One example-this last weekend our car broke down, no idea what it was and I called Chris for help (it was 5:30 on Saturday-very late in the day) - he brought a loaner car to me and waited while AAA came and loaded our car to take to the Lexus shop.

--- my husband was amazed and has never been treated with such respect, helpfulness? as he has seen from Chris.

Our car is getting up there in miles and we are looking at replacing our car--- My husband has said I am limited to getting another Lexus, I am not allowed to look for anything else--- and really it is all because of Chris and how he treats folks he works with in the service department. It is one thing to buy a car but that is one transaction and folks might get a great deal on a car-but in my mind, I will always be servicing a car and that is many times in the shop over the years? and critical to have somebody that is a part of my team/on my side if you will/giving sound advice---- and that is Chris Bosque in a shell.

Lexus of Glendale Service Dept should be proud and honored to have such a great person as Chris Bosque-he has integrity and is out to help the customers with their cars and that is what makes him great.



I wanted to write and let you know what an outstanding employee you have in Chris Tangkom. I'll be brief, but my wife had a fender bender with her is250 convertible. We took the vehicle to the recommended body shop, and were told it was going to be 3 weeks, after we had been led to believe it would be 1. Needless to say, we were distraught and decided to reach out to Lexus of Glendale. Chris came on the line, took responsibility for the situation (even though it had nothing to do with the dealership), and provided a rental while my wife's car was repaired. Needless to say, this made the situation much better!

He was outstanding during the process, and helped secure us as lifelong Lexus customers. Your entire dealership is phenomenal, but it is obviously employees like Chris that keep it that way. I hope he is as valued by you as he is by us.



Hi Jesus,

Once again Lexus of Glendale exceeded my expectation with its excellent service. I would like to personally thank you for doing such a fine job following through every step along the way to resolve my problem. If there's any performance appraisal form or survey to fill out I'd be more than happy to give you a full score. Just let me know where I can voice my opinion. This dealership needs more excellent managers / consultant like you to ensure that customers will come back time and time again for repeat business. Thanks again for the excellent service you provided!

- Eric

Hi Raymond:

My daughter Michelle is the regular driver of the black RX 350 and I instructed her to bring the Lexus for 15,000 service after coming home from college. She is very impressed by your courtesy and knowledge in the Lexus. Because of you, my whole family is totally convinced Lexus of Glendale delivers of what it promised: excellence in car products and professional quality in service and maintenance.

Best regards,

Sampson and family


I am writing to pay a special compliment to Haroot Tamazian, your Assistant Service Manager.

My mother has owned her Lexus since 2008 and has loved the car but she had never had a good experience with the service department at the dealership she bought it from in Van Nuys. For this reason she had neglected her normal maintenance and even a recalled part notice.

Of course, no individual I've ever encountered at any Lexus Dealership and Service Department has ever been anything but a model of friendly conduct and attitude. I'm sure Lexus gives a mandate to their employees to be nothing short of exemplary to their customers.

But "conduct and attitude" can be a matter of training and acting and we might never know what lies underneath. This is how the cliché of the "Used Car Salesman" came to be so negative.

After having had a few dealings with my mother's previous service people, I took it upon myself to take her car somewhere else. I found Lexus of Glendale by asking people and mostly from all the high ratings online. There has been scandal in the past how these ratings come to be, but the sheer volume of good reports led me to take a chance.

And I met Haroot Tamazian only Wednesday last week.

I was instantly impressed. He was more than friendly, he was very focused on me and the problems with the car. It may be impossible to tell when someone is putting on an act, but Haroot Tamazian doesn't need to. The difference is very clear. Haroot instantly came off as genuine and honest.

I was also impressed with his command of the job. His attitude of confidence and knowledge instantly relaxed me and gave me enough confidence in him that I trusted him completely. He did not let me down.

It's the details that matter. And no detail escaped him. Some are so small, but for example, I may have been slow as we walked to the cashier, but he slowed then he stopped and waited for me without any impatience. A small gesture, maybe. But a real one. He made sure that I received a full tank of gas, for example. A promotion you have. I didn't know anything about it and would have forgotten it - but he made sure I remembered and stapled the Mobile Gas slip to the work order so no one else would ignore it or forget it.

I am used to service managers and mechanics "fudging" things, charging when they don't need to, for example, rounding mileage up. If Haroot "fudged" anything, it was only to help me.

Do things like the free coffee matter? Yes, for sure. If I'm in the neighborhood, I may even want to drop by to use that massage chair. Everything like that makes a customer want to come back next time. But the drink of coconut water Haroot offered me - after I had already paid and was getting ready to leave... These are the things that make you want to be a customer for life.

Let me also give a general compliment to the cashiers and technicians, the guy that brought me to my loaner. The difference between their happy and friendly nature and what I have experienced at other dealerships was very noticeable. This can only be filtering down from the people at the top of Lexus of Glendale, yourself included.

And my first contact with you was Haroot. He didn't need to hide anything because it's easy to see that he is a warm and caring individual at home with his family as well as with the customers, a very smart and aware man, he is a credit to your dealership and service department.

I hope to see you all again. Not too soon, you understand, just normal maintenance or in some other - hopefully minor - mechanical situation. But I definitely want my next car to be Lexus, too. I am glad to have found you in Glendale.

Thank you,

Service at Lexus of Glendale restores my faith in humanity. Here is one place where things are always done as they should be. I am consistently met with professionalism and courtesy. Service Manager, Raymond, was responsible for my latest great experience. He has a caring and winning personality... a great sense of humor, too. Thanks for all the extras: excellent coffee, pastries, computer, TV and massage chairs... and for returning my car freshly washed. You have earned my allegiance!
A. Sands

"I purchased an ES 350 from another dealer on Oct-26-2011, but I didn't feel comfortable with the brakes. The car was checked in for service for 38 days, and I paid the $1,416 rental fee by myself, but even though a problem couldn't be found, no one would write down on the paper that the car is safe. I was so confused, and really didn't know what I should do. I went to Lexus of Glendale for help. The car was carefully and thoroughly checked, and I got the certificate for the safety. At that moment, my feeling was the world has been changed, and I really appreciated Lexus of Glendale's excellent service. Lexus of Glendale solved my problem and changed my life. I want to let everybody know, Lexus of Glendale is a good place you can go, because of they take the responsibility, and they care about the customer."

"I recently was at another Lexus dealer for a minor warranty issue (closer to home) and that experience tells me why I am so happy with Lexus of Glendale. I made the appointment - no problem. Brought the car in, and it was like I had not spoken to anyone previously about why I was coming in (I did when making the appt) I wasn't treated exactly rude, but it was disappointing to be greeted with - "well it's going to be $130 in labor to just look at it, do you want to do it? When I told the gentleman that I thought it would be covered under the warranty, he told me my warranty was over. I aksed him to check again because I thought the car was still covered by the extended warranty. He was indeed "surprised" by that fact and we proceeded fine from that point forward. Each time I have to go somewhere else(mind you I live 120 miles from Glendale), it makes me wish I had just made the drive. Your facility is 1,000 times better, but the people... a million times better! I am truly spoiled by Chris Bosque. He is superb."